The French firm buys leather workshops specialists to add to their division Hermès Cuirs Précieux

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The Kleber Hermes bag, photographed in 1937.

Surrender to fast or consider, for a moment, to invest in quality fashion. That seems to be the motto with which some luxury brands seem to urge consumers lately, evident in the proliferation of craft empire Chanel and external -the embroidery workshops Lesage or headdresses Maison Michel – but especially in the adage in the rhythms of the historic Hermès. The creative direction of Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski with a legacy of 178 years and masterful respecting its equestrian heritage in leather makes with Hermès , copper greatest desire product as time goes in the closet. Aware of this, the French company has acquired one of the leading specialists in leather workshops in France, Tanneries du Puy .

“This acquisition will help us to save more than a hundred jobs in the Auvergne region in the French Alps, in line with the strategy to preserve Hermès crafts and know-how,” explains the company in a statement. This addition adds to the split leather Hermes Cuirs Précieux of the house, along with other workshops such as Annonay, 80 kilometers from Puy.

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Despite this news, the digital expansion of the company also has been in the throes of transition: your website will launch a Christmas season from December and two weeks ago he presented Hermèsistible , a section where users can immerse themselves in the lexicon Hermes with emoticons, glossaries and even audiovisual stories with its flagship products.


From:  http://www.harpersbazaar.es/moda/noticias-moda/hermes-tanneries-du-puy